Adults Pottery Workshop

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Despite having lived in Singapore our entire lives, I bet not many of us even know that Singapore has a Dragon Kiln; and I’ m sure even more are befuddled by how it works! We all know what ceramics are, but how often can we amaze others with our intimate knowledge of pottery-making?

That’s why we’ve introduced a fun and educational way to learn about pottery-making. Welcome to our hands-on pottery session: Adults Do Pottery Too!


  1. Introduction to the Dragon Kiln and pottery
  2. Walk-through of the Dragon Kiln (if there is no firing taking place)
  3. Live demonstration of the potter’s wheel
  4. Introduction of the basic techniques of hand-building, followed by a live demonstration by professional instructors.
  5. Live demonstration of hand-building an art-piece
  6. Hands-on session
  7. Glazing session
  8. End of session – free & easy shopping!

Duration: 2 hours/ 3 hours (for additional potter’s wheel time)

27 thoughts on “Adults Pottery Workshop”

  1. Diana Lau says:

    do you run session on weekdays (6-10nov)? What is the course fees?


    1. wdiadmin says:

      Dear Diana,

      Thank you for your message.

      Oh no, we don’t have workshop between 6-10 nov :(

      We have workshops on 11 Nov, which is also dragon kiln firing day.
      ( I have left you a mail at your mailbox, please check)

      And our I love pottery workshop is on:
      4 November 10am | 15 November 2pm
      22 November 10am | 25 November 2pm
      30 November 11am

      2 December 2pm | 9 December 11am
      13 December 11am | 23 December 11am
      24 December 11am | 25 December 2pm
      30 December 10am | 31 December 2pm

      1 January 2018 2pm

      Please don’t hesitate to drop me a mail if you have any further enquiry.

      Stella Tan

  2. Stanley says:

    Hi, do u also have courses on clay mould sculpting on top of pottery?

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Stanley, thank you for your message.
      Currently, we don’t have sculpting workshop.

      We do conduct throwing workshop if you are keen to join :)
      Potter wheel:

      Long term:

      Trial workshop:

      Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail if you’ve any further enquiry.

      Stella Tan

  3. Ziyan says:

    Hello, am interested in the 22 nov workshop for 2 ppl. Do u still have space. And how much does it cost? Thank you.

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Ziyan, I have sent you an email! :)

  4. Winifred says:

    Hello Stella,

    I saw the Long term pottery workshop schedule which begins on 26 Nov, unfortunately I would be away then.

    Can I check when is your next run? Either later this year or in Jan 2018.


    1. wdiadmin says:

      Winifred, sent you a mail :)

  5. Ong says:

    Would like to check for Pottery class / workshop for 16th Dec 2017. Estimated for 20pax. Thanks!

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hello! I have sent you a mail :)

  6. Wei says:

    Hi I would like to enquire on the adult pottery workshop on 25 nov, may I know the cost and if there is availability for 3?

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Wei, i have sent you a mail, please check :)

  7. Francis Poh says:

    Hi is there any adults pottery workshop for 2 on 18nov or 25nov?

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Francis, I have sent you a mail. Please check :)

  8. Yvonne says:

    Hello, may i know what are the types of workshops you guys have and also the costs? Thanks! :)

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Yvonne,

      I have sent you a mail – please check :)

  9. Fauziah says:


    Are there any available slots for 3rd Feb for 8 persons? Preferably in the late morning?


    1. wdiadmin says:

      I have sent you a mail – please check :)

    2. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Fauziah,
      I have sent you a mail – please check :)

  10. Lianhau says:

    Hi can send me the course fee for 7 adults? Thanks.

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Lian Hau, I have sent you a mail – please check :)

  11. LiHui says:

    Hello, i would like to check if there is any classes in the month of jan or feb and the cost of it for two paxs(:

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Lihui,
      I have sent you a mail – please check :)

  12. JH Goh says:

    Hi, I’m interested to attend the workshop on a Saturday (any Saturday)
    Around 5-10pax. May I know the price?

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi JH, I have sent you a mail – please check :)

  13. J says:

    Possible to drop me the workshop schedule and price ?

    1. wdiadmin says:


      I Love pottery workshop
      check out here:

      Trial Potter wheel Workshop (Suitable for adults only)

      10 February 11am

      10 March 10am | 30 March 2.30pm

      14 April 2pm | 1 May 2.30pm

      26 May 10am | 2 June 2pm

      15 June 2pm | 30 June 2pm

      Kindly sign up here:

      10 sessions throwing course
      Details & Schedule:

      Ah Meow Plates Making 30 March 2018 3pm

      Sign up here:

      School Holiday Workshop (Pottery X Archery)

      17 March 1pm | 16 June 1pm | 22 June 1pm | 28 June 1pm

      Kindly Sign up here:

      Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail if you’ve any further enquiry.


      Stella Tan

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