Children Pottery Workshop

October 26, 2014 IMG_0372

Fun & Educational Children Workshop

Ever wondered how ceramics are made, or how a Dragon Kiln works? Join our children’s hands-on pottery session to learn more about the history of Singapore’s oldest surviving Dragon Kiln and create your own masterpiece!


  1. Introduction to the Dragon Kiln and pottery
  2. Walk-through of the Dragon Kiln (if there is no firing taking place)
  3. Live demonstration of the potter’s wheel
  4. Introduction of the basic techniques of hand-building, followed by a live demonstration by professional instructors.
  5. Live demonstration of hand-building an art piece
  6. Hands-on session
  7. Glazing session
  8. End of session – free & easy shopping!

Duration: 2 hours

Suitable for schools, birthday parties, CCA, art club.


14 thoughts on “Children Pottery Workshop”

  1. Angeline koh says:

    I would like to enroll for the workshop for tour and hands on session for my family.

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Angeline, I sent the info to your email :)

    2. Alice Lan says:

      Im interested in your venue for a 9 year old birthday party on 7 January for between 10-20 kids.

      Could you please advise on availability and cost and proposed itinerary.

      Many thanks,

      1. wdiadmin says:

        Hi Alice,

        I have sent you a mail – please check :)

  2. Zhong Qiaolin says:

    Hi, I am a teacher from Marymount Convent School. I am interested in letting my P4 pupils try pottery. May I know what is the min no of pupils to start a class? And what will be the cost of each pupil?


    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hello Qiailin, I have sent you an email. Please check :)

  3. Bettina says:

    If I have a child who’s 7 and the other who’s 4, which workshops will you suggest. Thanks

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Bettina,

      I have sent you an email on the above enquiries. :)

  4. Raine Lee says:


    I have two children who are 4 and 6 yo. Do you recommend that we go for the adult + child session? My 6 yo is quite independent. What is your experience with younger age group? Is it a must to have parents around?


    Best regards,

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Raine,

      I have sent you an email, please check :)

  5. Azizah says:

    Hi. I would like to bring my two kids, ages 8 and 4 to visit and maybe do some pottery making. Please give me an idea what will be a good course to choose from and how much would it cost. Thank you so much. Regards, Azizah

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Azizah, I have sent you a mail :)

  6. Mindy Kim says:

    Hello, I’m interested in visiting with my 7 year old son for tour/pottery making/throwing. Would any or all of these activities be possible if we visited on a regular day like tomorrow or is it only accessible on a designated public workshop day?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,
    Mindy Kim

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Mindy, I have sent you a mail – please check :)

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