Ikebana – Flowers containers


Ikebana – Japanese art of flower arrangement Conducted by passionate potter and Ikebana lover, Mrs Yulianti Tan, our Ikebana workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to express yourself through the Japanese art of flower arrangement. She will also be guiding you through the hand-building p...

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Parent + Child Bonding Working


Always wanted to try out pottery together with your child? Join our bonding session and create your one and only master piece! Itinerary: Introduction to the Dragon Kiln and pottery Walk-through of the Dragon Kiln (if there is no firing taking place) Live demonstration of the potter’s wheel Introd...

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Historical Dragon Kiln Tour


Historical Dragon Kiln Tour   Short on time, but still want to know more about our Dragon Kiln and pottery? Join our Historical Dragon Kiln Tour! Our in-house guide will accompany you on a journey through the history and heritage of Singapore’s oldest surviving Dragon Kiln, where you can watc...

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Children Pottery Workshop


Fun & Educational Children Workshop Ever wondered how ceramics are made, or how a Dragon Kiln works? Join our children’s hands-on pottery session to learn more about the history of Singapore’s oldest surviving Dragon Kiln and create your own masterpiece! Itinerary: Introduction to the Dragon...

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Adults Pottery Workshop


ADULTS DO POTTERY TOO! Despite having lived in Singapore our entire lives, I bet not many of us even know that Singapore has a Dragon Kiln; and I’ m sure even more are befuddled by how it works! We all know what ceramics are, but how often can we amaze others with our intimate knowledge […]

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Dragon kiln Workshop


Can I fire my art piece in the Dragon Kiln too? Of course! Electric kilns are known for the consistency in the pieces they churn out, whereas our traditional Dragon Kiln is renowned for producing uniquely distinctive pieces. Thanks to the way the Dragon Kiln is fired, no two pottery pieces are ever ...

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