Welcome To Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle!

“To build on the concept of the ‘Pottery Jungle’, where people can discover beauty in its simplest state.”

Mr Tan Kim Seh was born in Swatow, a porcelain village in China. He travelled to Singapore and bought the dragon kiln. Together with his 5 children and few workers, he started supplying pottery wares in the 1965. Dragon kiln was used to fire pottery wares such as latex cups for the rubber plantation, orchid pots for the nurseries, water jar for local consumer market. it is a rich history that illuminates just how much Thow Kwang – and perhaps even the entire ceramic production industry – has been an active and efficacious contributor to Singapore’s economy.

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As the demand of production slowed down, Mr Tan Teck Yoke (2nd Generation of Thow Kwang) stepped into the business and started importing and exporting.

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Mrs Yulianti Tan, (wife of Mr Tan T.Y) recognized that education of this pottery industry to the public was imperative as she believed that everyone ought to know of the existence and importance of dragon kiln and pottery industry. With the increasing number of locals and foreigners hopping into the pottery jungle year after year, Thow Kwang’s education platform is established in 2000, to give all visitors a learning journey through hands on and tour. With only 1 small studio and 2 potter’s wheels, right now Thow Kwang has 3 huge studios, which can accommodate 120pax, 20 potter’s wheels and led by a family of professional instructors.


In 2013, new blood of the Tan family, Stella Tan stepped in to help out with the business, as she hopes to pass on the legacy and tradition of dragon kiln to more generations.

With guidance of Mr and Mrs Tan, Stella Tan is now handling Thow Kwang’s social media, marketing, workshops and supplying handmade crafts to café, restaurants and hotels. She stepped out of her comfort zone to various Art markets and exhibitions to promote a better awareness and understanding of pottery and the art of wood-firing.