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Koh Min Xian reviewed Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle — 5 star

October 22, 2016 ·

Was there for my first pottery lesson, enjoyed the class a lot and we got rides out thanks to the family culture over there, it’s really rare to have find such “kampong spirit” in the community. Cheers! 
Che Jr. reviewed Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle — 5 star

Excellent side trip while in in Singapore! As a potter in the states, I seek out such places while traveling and this one is a jewel of living history, maintaining its relevance via purposeful planning, care and devotion in this family-run studio. All my early queries were promptly answered with friendly professionalism and sincerity by Ms. Stella Tan.

I attended a weekend workshop and found it well run and everyone had fun. The families and children in attendance were well looked after and gently guided through the basic processes of both hand-building and throwing. The enjoyment of playing with clay is obviously transmitted by the instructors and they helped keep everyone focused on exploration and the joy of making something by hand. Getting a couple of pieces of art work a few weeks later is just a bonus.

There were plenty of materials, tools and wheels to go around in this well-attended workshop. The lead instructor and acting manager of Thow Kwang Yulianti Oey, moreover, was extremely generous with her time and spend a good bit of it patiently being interviewed after the workshop by a local middle school student with a cultural assignment. I was very fortunate too in receiving some of that time, hearing of her insight, joy and experience as a potter and talented Ikebana artist.

Like many pottery studios, Dragon Kiln Pottery Jungle straddles many fences: a cultural and historical landmark, contemporary works gallery, advocate for emerging artists, resource for childhood (and adulthood) creative development. In addition, there is an amazing pastiche maze of all ceramic kitsch, finer work and knickknacks museum/showcase to wander through and fill your home at a reasonable price.

Dragon Kiln and the educational EcoGardens share a property line, adding to the feeling of oasis. I was dependent on the amazingly efficient transit system of Singapore and found the Pottery Jungle easy to get to and an easy walk from the bus stop, the long way. I was staying in Chinatown so while I had to take several trains and bus 199–my trip was probably speedier than had I had my own vehicle–and on a Saturday. The trip was under 30 minutes one way. If unfamiliar, just write down the address and have the bus driver drop you off at the nearest stop. Cross the street and start following the signs for the pottery studio. At the bottom of the hill the road forks (about at the 7 minute mark), head up towards the right. There are signs along the way to lead you to the studio complex. If you’re feeling adventurous, follow the signs for the EcoGardens and cut through CleanTech Park rather than signs for Dragon Kiln. When you get to the trail, take a left on the well maintained trail. It will lead right to the Pottery Jungle (I felt more adventurous on the way back and took the trail back to the road). Either way, it’s a 5-10 minute walk from the bus stop.
Atlanta GA

I really enjoyed taking part in the pottery workshop and recommend it for both children and adults. The teachers were very kind and patient and the whole experience was both instructive and fun.The shop is also very nice to visit, it is like a little museum, there are so many different pieces to see.

Awesome experience. My boys loved it. Can’t wait to pick up our masterpieces in a few weeks.


Rita Margarita reviewed Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle — 5 star

June 19, 2015 ·

My daughter really enjoyed the workshop 🙂 Hand Building + Pottery Wheel


柳若心 reviewed Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle — 4 star



Tripadvsior: hawdownunder, Sydney, 8820, Reviewed 14 March 2017

Once upon a time, this Dragon Kiln produced much of the crockery for home and local restaurant uses, amongst other things. It has an ancient technology where the kiln could be heated up to a 1000 degree centigrade. While newer technologies could make such produce cheaper and faster, the results with the wood fired kiln are very different. One of the diminishing kilns in the world, it should be preserved. More locals and foreign visitors should know about this place. Reaching there at this moment is still a challenge without direct public transport.

This gem must be treasured. The dragon kiln is wood-fired in the traditional way. There are classes in potter’s wheel, firing, and glazing, a vast warehouse of large, traditional vases of all sizes, statues, for sale, smaller pieces for the modern kitchen and contemporary ceramic artistry for moderate prices. With outreach to schools and community groups and visitors, this wonderful place is struggling not to be swallowed up by encroaching techno-society. Definitely worth a visit. The classes fascinate children and adults. In the concrete, post-modern, fabricated world of Singapore, the Dragon Kiln is a breath of air set in a wooded oasis.

Built in 1965, the dragon kiln is Singapore’s last fired pottery and what a great find. Hard to get to by public transport and definitely “out of the way” but the reward is an experience that you can’t often get in Singapore- Undisturbed history and rustic charm. Alongside the kiln you’ll find an absolute megastore of very affordable pottery of all types, easy to get lost in. Great for kitchenware and all kinds of decorative ceramics, plus they run pottery making lessons if you’ve got more time
A thoroughly enjoyable visit if you are not an Orchard Road type of guy or gal!

Arts Monitors LJ to Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle 2017


During the March Holidays, the Arts Monitors went on a Learning Journey to the Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.  Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln is one of the oldest surviving brick –built Kilns in Singapore for wood firing. There, the students got to experience pottery-making with clay and learnt about the differences between wood firing and modern firing. They also saw a demonstration of potter wheel and made their own ceramic pencil holder. It was indeed a fruitful session for the Arts Monitors.

I learnt about many things. I had fun making my own pencil holder and shopping at the pottery jungle.. The price of items there are really reasonable and I would love to go back again. The trainers and teachers there were also friendly and helpful.
Rebecca Goh BU6