Parent + Child Bonding Working

April 21, 2015 18

Always wanted to try out pottery together with your child? Join our bonding session and create your one and only master piece!


  1. Introduction to the Dragon Kiln and pottery
  2. Walk-through of the Dragon Kiln (if there is no firing taking place)
  3. Live demonstration of the potter’s wheel
  4. Introduction of the basic techniques of hand-building, followed by a live demonstration by professional instructors.
  5. Live demonstration of hand-building an art piece
  6. Hands-on session
  7. Glazing session
  8. End of session – free & easy shopping!

Duration: 2 hours

4 thoughts on “Parent + Child Bonding Working”

  1. Liz Chong says:

    Hi, i would like my girl 6 years old to try doing a pottery, will you be able to suggest any 2 hours session and how much will it be. Thank you so much!

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Dear Liz,

      Thank you for your message.

      You may want to sign her up for our “ I love pottery workshop”
      Our next “I LOVE POTTERY” workshop is on

      4 November 10am | 15 November 2pm
      22 November 10am | 25 November 2pm
      30 November 11am

      2 December 2pm | 9 December 11am
      13 December 11am | 23 December 11am
      24 December 11am | 25 December 2pm
      30 December 10am | 31 December 2pm

      1 January 2018 2pm

      Kindly sign up here:


      CLAY DAY
      For the little ones, we have workshop for you too!
      Mummy and daddy check out details here:



      & YES, CHRISTMAS IS NEARING! & it’s okay if we can’t build real snowman, we can always substitute with clay! Haha! I promise these snowman will be ready by Christmas!
      For all ages – Check our details here:

      Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail if you’ve any further enquiry.

      Stella Tan

  2. Lily Mok says:

    Hi Stella, I am keen for Package B. Is there additional charge for 2 adults & 1 child?

    1. wdiadmin says:

      Hi Lily

      I have sent you a mail – please check :)

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